“I hope you love Birds too”

Antwerp, 2020.

I start intuitively, without a detailed plan. I rely on serendipity. In this way I find unexpected discoveries without looking for anything. On my daily walks, I take pictures of the things I accidentally see appearing in the margins of my field of vision. The banal and "boring" things that you would not immediately pay attention to without a camera, because you walk past them so often.

I wander around and play, amazed by the beauty in my everyday environment. A kind of beauty with a gloomy edge.

“I am glad you love the Blossoms so well‭.
‬I hope you love Birds too‭. ‬It is economical‭.‬
It saves going to Heaven‭.‬”
Letter from Emily Dickinson‭ (‬1885‭)